2016: New Year, New Projects

As I’ve written before, I don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions”, I just like to work on things all year round. So since it’s a new year, I wanted to write about the projects I’m currently working on, and those I plan to start soon.

Aerial Dance

This is totally what I look like...
This is totally what I look like…

I’ve been wanting to try this out for the last couple of years, and I’m doing it now! I’m taking a class at a local Aerial Arts school. Fun!

Learn to Sew

tn_SewingDesk1My first step in this project was to make myself a Renaissance Festival dress, and I’ve started it!!! I’ve already learned a lot. I will post about it when I’m done. I would also like to learn how to put in a zipper, make pockets, use a dress-form, and use a real pattern (I’m using a home-made pattern for my dress).

Cut The Cord!


I’ve been wanting to ditch cable for the last few years, and as online options have become better, I’ve taken steps toward cutting able until I finally took the plunge this month!! I got a basic tv antenna from Amazon for local channels, and I use Roku to watch stuff from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. on my tv. I plan to make a blog post detailing how to do this, since I think no one should use cable anymore.

Be Healthier

I started this project this past fall, and my main goals were to reduce my sugar intake and increase my exercise.

  1. Reducing Sugar Intake.

I’m always trying to eat more vegetables and protein, but my biggest problem is that I LOVE sugar, and I eat way too much of it.

So here are the things I’ve done so far:

-I stopped drinking soda at lunch. Yes, I used to have about 4-8 oz of soda or juice almost every day with lunch. So that was the first thing to go. I’ve been doing just water since September. I’m surprised at how easy this was for me. Because I LUV soda.

-Next, I’m in the process of cutting out soda almost altogether. I used to order a cherry coke any time I would eat out (because it is yuuuumyy), and I would keep mini-sodas in my fridge for dinners at home. I’ve switched to mostly water at restaurants (once in a while I’ll treat myself; I’ve had 3 glasses of soda in the last two months), and no sugar-added juice in my fridge. At some point, the goal will be to cut back on the juice as well.

^These are microwaved eggs!

-I used to eat cereal every morning for breakfast, and even “healthier” cereal can have a lot of sugar (and just also not much actual nutrition), so I’m trying to mix it up a bit. Now I’ll have maybe one bowl of cereal during the week, a couple of toast-and-peanut-butters, and I’ve started eating EGGS!!! This is insane for me since I’ve always felt like I don’t have time in the morning for eggs, but I recently discovered that you can scramble eggs in the microwave, which seems to make it faster.

-I still eat more sugar than I should, so a future goal would be to reduce the amount of “treats” I eat (cookies, ice cream, etc.). Baby steps.

2. Increasing Exercise.

-I don’t like going to the gym, so I usually get my exercise through various classes (and outdoor walks when it’s nice out). This fall, I made sure to set up my schedule with a good mix of classes.

-I do Irish Dancing once a week, as I have for the last 7 years. In October, I added a strength training class on Wednesdays (it’s not dance, which I usually prefer, but I needed something that was more muscle building than aerobic. It’s a beast.), and in November, I added Zumba on Thursdays. My aerial class is also strength-building, particularly in the upper arms/shoulders and core. So this adds up to at least 4 hours of exercise a week, which I think is pretty darn good for the Deep-Winter Lazies.

-I did a lot of yoga last year, so I’m a little yoga’d out right now, but I’ll return to it at some point in the future. I really should take up jogging some day, but at this point, running for any length of time is my personal hell. Another future goal would be to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, and/or to sit less at work. Baby steps.

That’s all the projects for now!


Mystery Project! Heeheehee

Remember this post of mine describing projects I want to do?

Well. I’m working on one of them. I’m excited because it’s one of the projects that has felt kind of impossible. You know, one of those things that you put out there and say you’re going to do but then you’re not really certain that it’s actually going to get done?

Well I’m far enough on it now to know that it will be done. I’m still at least a month away from completing it, but for now, you get a clue as to what it is!


IMG_457318676Also, I’ve completed another project from the list already (the Fairy/Elf Door), and I’m about to complete yet another one (which will be a whole other series of posts that you can expect in the next month).

Hooray for being productive, learning things, and gaining skills!!!!


So. People like to talk about having “goals”. And setting them, and working toward them, and reaching them and blah blah blah. I’ve always hated goals. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve just always resisted the whole idea of them. What I DO like are projects. I think the difference is that with goals, it’s like all you care about is getting the thing done. With projects, there’s more of an awareness of the process, the planning, the steps, the actual work that is put in. And a lot of my projects are things that never really have an end-point (like learning a skill; when do you know you’ve “finished” learning that skill?).

So ANYway. Here are some projects that I’ve done over the last few years:

-Redid my kitchen

-Learned American Sign Language (ongoing, but I’m at a pretty decent level)

-Learned Irish Dance (ongoing)

-Learned Belly Dance (I did this, and then lost it because I haven’t done it in a while- gotta get back to it!)

-Started and maintained a youtube channel (ongoing)

-Opened and maintained an Etsy shop for portraits (ongoing)

-I guess grad school could be considered a project..? That was basically the project that kept me from doing any other projects for about 3 years. Ugh. Glad I’m done with that one.

Here are some projects I would like to do someday soon:

-Install a fairy door in my front yard tree (I plan to do this in the spring)

-Regain my upper singing range (kind of working on this because I’m in a choir now)

-Regain/improve my French

-Do aerial dance

-Do ballet dancing

-Learn swing, salsa, ballroom dance

-Learn to sew (and make myself a Renaissance Festival dress)

-Learn to knit

-Plant something in the ground and get it to grow

-Write and illustrate a children’s book

-Foster animals (I’m starting this process soon!)

Here are some projects I would like to do at some point in my life (these are more dreams at this point):

-Learn some basic computer coding. Ughh I really don’t want to actually DO it because it is soooo boring, but I think it would be a good skill to have. (I actually just kind of started doing this! We’ll see how far I get.)

-Learn to play harmonica/guitar/fiddle

-Make a rain barrel


-Learn a billion languages (Irish, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin)

-Travel to Ireland/Scotland/England

-Maintain a garden (with edibles like carrots, peas, and lettuce)

-Write a novel

Yay projects!


I Went for a Walk!

Photo (19)

Today I took my first walk around a lake of the year. It’s been, what, like 9 months since I walked around a lake. It was wonderful.

I would have gone out before today, but I’ve been too busy working on my mystery project!

Photo (18)

We’re getting there. I’ll be able to reveal it all in probably about a month.