First Walk of the Year


IMG_450565944“Danger, Keep Off, Ice Not Safe” ha

I found this. Someone must have made a garland crown last summer.






Turtles sunbathing. IMG_450569072



I couldn’t really capture it, but these branches had a layer of fuzz on them.IMG_450569777


A loon!IMG_450570377


A cardinal!IMG_450570512A robin!




Summer Fruits

Photo (24)

My baby backyard is growing up! I have some cherries  on my Northstar Cherry Tree. It only has a handful so far, and they are VERY tart, which apparently is best for pie making..? I do love making pie, so maybe I’ll try it if/when I get enough. I’m a little skeptical though. I like sweet things.

I also have the first (and only, so far) crab apple on my Chestnut Crab Tree! Exciting!!!!

Photo (22) - Copy

Usual size for these guys is about a golf ball, so it’s almost ready!!

And raspberries will be next:

Photo (21) - Copy

The hydrangeas are looking good.

Photo (20) - Copy

And I went to the Arboretum, where they’re having a butterfly exhibit.

Photo (23) - Copy

It was fun watching them greedily stick their little probosces into the flowers like tiny straws in tiny milkshakes.

New Beginnings

Photo (18)

So I haven’t posted for a while, because I’ve been busy with lots of things. Just like the budding lilacs from my garden (above), I’ve had some things in the works. One such thing came to fruition today when I was offered a full-time job at the company where I’ve been working part-time! It’s a company that designs technology for education, so it’s somewhat related to my field, and I’m really looking forward to finally having a regular schedule and a professional “home.”

The other project in the works is not yet ready to be revealed, but I will definitely post about it when it is complete in (hopefully) a couple of months!

Here’s a hint to tide you over:


Nano-Vacation (Nanocation?)

When you live in Minnesota, you gotta find little ways of escaping from winter once in a while. Last year, I posted about the Como Park Conservatory. This week, my dad and I went to the Walker Sculpture Garden’s Cowles Conservatory.

Photo (22)
It’s warm and humid, and smells like nature. Just what you need when every day feels like the 9th circle of Dante’s Inferno. You know, the last circle of Hell, which is situated on a frozen lake, and where Judas is embedded neck-deep in ice, and his back is being clawed to shreds by Satan himself (props to my high school Humanities teacher, Mr. Dart!). Anyway, it’s nice to go here when it’s cold outside. 🙂

Photo (14)

Photo (13)
Yeah, this is a fish made out of glass. What?
Photo (17)
Remember those green things that grow out of the ground? They still exist!

Photo (18)

Photo (15)
The glass walls of the conservatory were talking about the vast difference in temperature on either side of them. Poor things were working hard.
Photo (23)
But, green things!

Then we had some really yummy dinner with my aunt, and saw a play based on Moliere’s “The Misanthrope.” Fun night out with the Pops!

Como Zoo Trip

CZ2My parents and I went to Como Zoo last week. Walking into the first section, it was the most beautiful feeling. After spending the day outside during a St. Patrick’s Day parade in below freezing weather (!), the humidity and warmth of the exhibit was like slipping into a soft, squishy, warm blanket. And it smelled so fresh and alive and greeeeeeen. It was wonderfulll.

CZ1This plant looked like sea coral or a sea anemone.


Ah, lovely little Ladyslipper.

Fuzzy Tree

This tree was called “furry tree” or something. This is its trunk. Not moss growing on the trunk, but the trunk itself. Cool!




There were a bunch of different-smelling orchids; some smelled like rootbeer/licorice, some smelled like honey. These were my favorite. They smelled flowery, and it was a really gentle, sweet, fresh smell.

Come on, Spring, let’s go!