Cherry Galette


Since I had a bunch of lovely sour cherries (see last post), I decided to make a cherry galette. Galettes are so dang easy, and they also happen to be delicious, so they’re perfect for a quick summer dessert! I make a peach version too.

Here’s the recipe for this Cherry Galette:

All ingredients are approximate because that’s how I roll. This dessert doesn’t have to be precise.

-6 cups of cherries (mine were tart, not sweet, so if you have sweet cherries you could add lemon juice or include less sugar)

-1/2 cup cherry juice (I used about half natural juice from my cherries and half grenadine because I had some, and grenadine is amaaazing)

-3-4 tablespoons of cornstarch (I actually used flour because I didn’t have cornstarch)

-1 cup sugar

-2 refrigerated roll-out pie crusts (I use Pillsbury)

Heat the sugar, flour, and juice in a pan on the stove, stirring occasionally until it thickens. Mix in your cherries and let cool.

Roll out your pie crusts on a buttered baking pan (they won’t fit completely, but that’s okay because you’ll be folding the edges up).

Put your cherry filling equally into the middles of each crust, leaving about an inch or two at the edges. Fold the edges up, and if you’d like, you can coat them with egg and sprinkle with turbinado sugar for a crisp, brown, crunchy crust.

Bake at 450 for about 10-12 minutes.

Tip: Eat with ice cream, if possible.




Puppy Chow!

Oh my goodness y’all, I’ve been crabby this weekend. Friday was frustrating at work, and then a few other things have just made me really annoyed, but today was much better. We had a high of 48 degrees (!!) and most of our snow melted. It felt like spring. I pretended that it was spring. I’m pretty sure winter is over, right? I also noticed that the price at the gas station was $2.69. Amazing! It’s the little things.

So anywho, I had choir concerts this weekend, and we singers prepare treats to bring for the guests at intermission. I decided to make Puppy Chow, since I figured there would be plenty of cookies and bars already. If you don’t know, Puppy Chow (also called Chex Muddy Buddies) has nothing to do with dogs. It’s possibly the most delicious sweet treat of all time.

Here’s my recipe!


1 box of Corn Chex

1 bag of semisweet chocolate chips

1 jar of peanut butter

about 3 cups of powdered sugar

*My ingredients are approximate because when I make puppy chow, I like to just kind of eyeball it. And other recipes have you using about half of a box of cereal. Ummm. Why not just use the whole thing?

**You might see other Puppy Chow recipes including butter, and of course mine does not. I have no idea why anyone would add butter to this. Mine is perfectly delicious without it, and I’ve made it with and without butter and I prefer it without (I think it sticks together better).

IMG_438382810Step 1. Get yourself a Shaker Thingy. This is a container that you will use to shake the ingredients together so everything gets coated. It will need to be sealable and fairly lightweight. I’ve used a paper bag before (folded over at the top), and that’s probably the easiest to use, and it doesn’t require any cleaning. (This stuff is not fun to clean up. Ever tried to clean a peanut butter jar to prepare it for the recycling bin? It’s like that.) Because I don’t really keep paper bags around my house, I use this large, ugly tupperware tub:

IMG_438383374Step 2. Put a crap ton of chocolate chips and peanut butter into a microwave safe bowl. (This is a giant measuring cup, so there’s more there than it seems.)

IMG_438383098Step 3. Heat in microwave for about 1 minute, remove, stir. Microwave for 1 more minute, remove, and stir. It should then be all melty and mixed together.

IMG_438383338Step 4. Put the Chex in your Shaker Thingy, pour in the chocobutter mixture, seal your Shaker Thingy, and shake, baby, shake!

IMG_438384721I recommend shaking in as many different directions as possible (up and down, side to side, in circles, etc.) to ensure maximum coatedness. You may need to open your container and check it a few times before moving on.

Step 5. Add your powdered sugar, and shake it up again! Like before, you may need to open your container and check it a few times, and even add more powdered sugar as necessary (don’t be stingy, now).

IMG_4383848406. When you’re done, it should like this.





Artichoke Dip Weekend

I attended two autumn/Halloween parties this weekend, and I brought artichoke dip to both, so I feel like my life this weekend was pumpkins, ghosts, and artichoke dip.

Here’s my recipe!


1 tub of sour cream

1 cup of Mayonnaise

1 tub (or like 1 cup) of parmesan cheese (or a mixture of parm, asiago, and romano)

1 tablespoon of garlic powder (which I forgot to add to the photo)

a bit of salt and pepper

2 cans of quartered artichoke hearts, well drained

1 can of diced green chilis

1 cup shredded Italian blend cheese (or mozzarella)

Photo (38)Step 1. Throw everything except the artichoke, green chilis and Italian blend cheese into a bowl, and mix well.

Photo (33)Step 2. Add the green chilis and artichoke, and mix well.

Photo (36)Step 3. Transfer to a small baking dish, and top with your Italian blend cheese.

Photo (37)Step 4. Bake at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Step 5. Let cool and enjoy!

Photo (39)And then I carved (or carved onto..?) a pumpkin!

Photo (34)

Photo (35)(I did the top one, the bottom one is fake because the squirrels eat the real ones.)

Also! Oh my gosh, you guys. When I was at the grocery store, I found two very exciting things.

Photo (31) - CopyEGG NOG!!! Yuss. And those are seckel pears, they’re mini. I just love mini things.

New Nephew Chili

Photo (26)Guess what! My new nephew (Lochlan) was born today! We’ve been waiting awhile (11 days late!), so we are all very happy that he is finally with us. I got to visit him after work today and smell his new-baby-smell. He was pretty charming.

I wanted to bring his parents some food, and since they tend to eat on the Paleo side, I figured a chili might be good (plus it’s freezable).

Here’s the chili I made. It was very simple: only 3 steps!


1lb of ground beef

1 onion

1 can of black beans

1 can of tomato paste (6 oz)

1 can of diced tomatoes and green chilis

1 can of chicken broth (I used a Knorr condensed broth packet)

1/2 tablespoon chili powder

1/4 tsp ground cumin

Dash of ground cinnamon (I don’t know if this was necessary. I’d maybe leave it out next time, not sure.)

salt and pepper to taste

Step 1. Chop your onion. In the recipe I was using, the ingredients just listed 1 chopped onion. As if you buy them that way. No, no. Chopping the onion is a STEP, because chopping an onion is a BITCH. In the past, I have usually bought pre-chopped onion just because I hate doing it so much. But that costs like 5 bucks a tub! I just couldn’t bring myself to do it this time. When I chopped this onion, I wasn’t just crying, my entire face was leaking. I took this picture without actually being able to see.

Photo (27)Step 2. Brown your beef and cook your onion.

Photo (28)
pot o’ meat

Step 3. Throw everything else in. Cook until boiling, then let simmer for about 10 minutes. Seriously, that simple.

Photo (29)While it’s simmering, you make cornbread muffins.

Photo (31)And if you’re like me, you serve it with shredded cheese and sour cream because chili is basically just a vehicle for shredded cheese and sour cream.



Apple Pie Welcome

I have new neighbors! Up until about a year ago, the house next door was inhabited by a very odd guy who was sometimes obnoxious, sometimes creepy, and sometimes amusing. So when he moved out, I hoped that we would get some more “normal” neighbors in there. I haven’t met them yet, but I wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood, so I baked them an apple pie.

Photo (18) - Copy
I haven’t mastered the edging technique yet (any tips?), but I’ve decided that my pie looks “rustic.” Better than calling it “ugly”, which it could also be called. Good thing it’s pie.

I think new neighbors should always receive some sort of welcome baked good. Pie seems like the best option to me. It just says “home, warmth, and goodwill.” I hope they like it!

Such A Lovely Weekend

Ice Cream Remnants

I had a 4-day weekend, and it was one of those where you get a bunch of things done, but then you also have a bit of sittin’ around time, so you feel accomplished AND well-rested. First, the boy and I got some ice cream (or he came with me and watched me eat ice cream), because I had a sudden craving for mint-chip ice cream in a sugar cone (in January in Minnesota…). The photo above is of the remnants from that cone.

Then we saw Life of Pi, which I hated to pieces. It was visually stunning, but emotionally agonizing. I love animals, so seeing them suffer is just heart-rending for me, and that’s basically the entire movie, so… And I have also frequently terrorized myself with imagining what might happen if I were in an airplane crash over an ocean, somehow survived the crash, and had to drift at sea in a lifeboat, eventually succumbing to sharks/starvation/exposure (I know I would never be able to keep myself alive). So I don’t need to see that little horror-fantasy played out for me on the big screen.

The movie inspired us to eat some de-LISH Indian food at Taste of India, which is the best. Then we watched Ted, as an attempt to get me out of my emotional anguish funk.

Saturday, we ate at Pannekoeken, which is our new-found brunch spot (yeah, it ain’t fancy, but it’s just what we like), baked some cookies (see photo below), watched the Season 4 Finale of Breaking Bad, and took an afternoon nap.

January Cookies 3

Sunday, my fam had its annual Waffle Brunch. Yum!

Waffle Breakfast

Then I cleaned out a crapload of crap from my house, and took it to Goodwill. Doesn’t it feel great when you do that? And also? A couple days ago, a friend of mine did ma nails all pretty. We called them “Easter Basket Nails.”

Easter Basket Nails