Camp Animals

Just got back from family camp. Here are the animals I met!IMG_459548383Trail ride with Patch.

IMG_459609343I do love me some goats. We’ve got Pepper and Peanut here. They were great.

IMG_459615702That’s Peanut falling asleep on my arm (please excuse the poop. Pretend they’re chocolate chips.) Poor Peanut couldn’t ever seem to find a comfy position on that picnic table. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide an arm-pillow all day.

IMG_459522651The camp’s nature center had a fawn. A FAWN. It had been found caught in a fence (no mom around), so it was a little beat up. When I visited, it was very hungry (I got there early in the morning, before feeding time), so I couldn’t get a good picture because it was just shifting around trying to find the food that surely I must have with me somewhere. Fawn licks are very sweet.

IMG_459553000Right here is a baby guinea pig. Look how little!

IMG_459554226Baby snake!

IMG_459554242The snake would not stop moving.

I also got to hold two love birds and a chinchilla (which is like holding a cloud). Also, they had a baby chinchilla, which is Da Cutest Thing.



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