Boy oh boy, you guys, it was a full weekend.

First weekend in May = Festival of Nations!


IMG_452288026And I got my annual Carioca from the Philippines. Yum!

IMG_452278534Watched the dancers. This is Cuba:

IMG_452285655The Chinese dancers had these reeeeally long pheasant (?) feathers on their headdresses, and the feathers twitched and swayed with slightest head movements. It was really different, and fun to watch.


Then I went to a Kentucky Derby Party. I had to wear a hat, of course (I’ll take any excuse to wear a costume). So I picked up this one from an antique store. It was perfect!

FullSizeRenderSunday I had dance, as usual, and then did yard work (including mowing the lawn with my push reel mower) before the lovely rain came.

And here are my beautiful crabapple (foreground) and cherry (background) trees all flowered up!



So pretty!!!

Did some housework, including assisting with a window transplant:


And then wrapped it all up with a dinner at Convention Grill! My favorite!







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