Desk Reveal!

Ok y’all! Thanks so much for your input. I got a comment from PearlGirl90, who said that it seemed like I wanted blue the most, which made me realize that that was true. It’s just paint, so if (when) I get sick of it, I can easily repaint it.

For now, I like it a lot.



IMG_4410861821. The “stool” is actually a side table, so it’s not really the right height or sturdiness for sitting. I just put it there because the desk needed a chair, and it looked okay. But now I kind of like it. I might replace it with some other chair (see below), but we’ll see. As I said, I will probably never actually sit at the desk.

2. My walls look white in pictures, but they’re actually light blue. If that matters at all to you.

3. I think a stencil or gold accents might look nice, but for now I just wanted to keep it pretty simple. I didn’t even spray paint the hardware. I normally hate brass, but I liked it as it was. Just quiet and unassuming.

4. Yes, I do have a lot of markers.

The chair below is another piece of furniture from my grandparents’ house (the last one I have I think?), so I might fix it up (reupolster? eep!) at some point, and possibly replace the table-stool with it.

IMG_441083117She’s not much to look at now, but she’s got a lot of potential.


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