f99b4cf313474cdc620df2709fe8a072Thanksgiving time! We do it the same every year (routine is my fave): extended family gather at my parents’ house, everybody brings their specified dishes (I do the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole):

IMG_438808865After we eat, we usually go for a walk, but good lord it has been cold out, so we decided against that this year, and just chatted by the fire instead.

IMG_438822243Today, my parents and I headed downtown to check out the new European-style outdoor holiday market.

IMG_438907537So. On the one hand, I like that Minnesotans are so hardy and gung-ho. But on the other hand, you people are complete idiots. It’s 23 degrees outside, and you think it’s a great idea to wander around in the frigid air looking at tchotchkes that you could buy at any (heated indoor) mall around town. Ugh.

Because it was so cold (duh!) and because there was a very long line for entrance tickets (yeah, did I mention that you have to pay just to get into this outdoor market???), we decided to just have a quick peek at the festivities and then hussle inside.

And then we saw Celtic Thunder!

IMG_438917620It was my first Celtic Thunder concert (aside from watching them on tv). It was a little too much Christmas music, and not enough Irish music for my taste, but it was nice. They said “Minneapolis” in their cute little accents, and it was very cute. Lots of them just being cute, and that’s half the point, now isn’t it?






2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving 🙂
    I saw Celtic Thunder in concert last year, and thought they were amazing (love their accents!). I’d probably have gone back this year, but was worried there’d be too much Christmas music and not enough of their Irish songs I like so much.


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