I’ve Been Featured on Apartment Therapy!

Kitchen Before and After

So, I’m basically famous now. Just kidding šŸ™‚ There’s this website called Apartment Therapy that I love. It’s about home decor and design (particularly smaller spaces), and they post people’s renovation projects. So I submitted my Kitchen Re-Do to them, and they used it!! Pretty exciting, especially since they get hundreds of submissions. I realize I’m a total nerd for being so excited about this, but it’s kind of like seeing yourself on tv. EEEP!!

Anywhoozle. If you’d like to see the post on Apartment Therapy, it’s right here.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Featured on Apartment Therapy!

  1. Saw you on Apartment Therapy!
    Congrats! ( It’s exciting, isn’t it?!)
    A sweet little reward for a BIG job well done.
    An honest DIY blogger is soo refreshing! I can’t be the only one who’s sick tired of cutesy “it was so quick and easy” mommy blogs .
    Yes. Painting and painting and painting is a pain in the ass. Yes we hafta search for hours, days, weeks ( sometimes on foot, and yes sometimes we choose “easy” & go for simple , classic styles . AND THEN WE ASK FOR HELP.
    Your kitchen looks terrific! I gotta love someone who accepts that there will always be some imperfections, and encourages others to GO FOR IT!
    Thanks so much.


    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I love Apartment Therapy, but I hate when they post renovations that are all professionally done, where all the walls are different, all the appliances are new, and it looks like a completely different house. That’s not attainable for me, so I might as well just look at Better Homes and Gardens. I like when I see Before and Afters that I could actually DO!

      And I’m not experienced in home improvement, so I personally appreciate as much detail on how EXACTLY someone did something and how much it cost. And what mistakes they made. šŸ™‚


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