Book Report!

Dark PortalNot a fan. This  is a book about talking mice who seek something (I can’t really remember what), and who are being chased by talking rats. I just didn’t care about any of it, didn’t care about the characters, didn’t care what happened. Nothing about it held my interest. I don’t know why. I usually get into books with talking animals. Oh well.

VoyagerThis is the reason why I haven’t read many books in the last few months. This monster was big, and took longer than it should have. This is the third book in the Outlander series. There are 8 books now, and there appears to be no end to it. This might be the last one I’ll read. I liked the first two, but it’s getting a little repetitive (they fight, they make up, he gets kidnapped and beaten, they get reunited), and it seems like Gabaldon is just like, “Ok, I guess I have to keep writing these…what else should I have them do…hmm maybe this time they’ll be on a tropical island!” It’s getting stale.

The Sun Also RisesI swear I don’t hate every book I read. But…I didn’t love this one either. I liked it at first; the clean, simple writing and all. But nothing happened in this damn book. I guess I’m supposed to have recognized some sort of deeper meaning or whatever (Brett’s misuse of men is mirrored by the teasing and slaughter in the bull fights..? I don’t know. I hate that English class crap), but ugh. nothing happened. What’s the point?

Survival SchoolsI read this for work. It’s a description of “Survival Schools”: charter schools that were created in the 1970s to cater to the Native community in the twin cities. It was educational, but read like a text book.

Paper TownsThis is the dude who wrote “The Fault in Our Stars”, which I will NEVER read (1. I do not like books that end with a main character SPOILER ALERT dying, 2. the movie stars Shailene Woodley, whom I cannot stand for unknown reasons, and whom I would not be able to avoid picturing while reading the book, and 3. it just seems really cheesy). BUT John Green seems really cool and funny and smart, so I was interested in reading something of his. So a friend (June of the Moon) lent me this one. It’s about a teenage boy who has a crush on a teenage girl (I know, cheese), and who ends up falling down a rabbit hole to find her when she suddenly goes missing. It was good, pretty fast paced, held my attention, and I liked the ending: not a fairytale ending, but satisfying enough.

5 Love LanguagesMy mom gave me this one (surprise surprise). In my family, we talk about Love Languages, and Myers Briggs, and the Enneagram like other families talk about the weather. So I already knew about this, but I learned a bit more about it. Essentially, your love language is the principal way in which you feel loved and/or express love for others. The Five Love Languages are: Quality Time, Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Acts of Service. Knowing your own language and being able to “speak” the languages of your loved ones is a key to maintaining healthy relationships. For realz.

The Tragicomedy of Public EducationI bought this book when I was trying to formulate a plan for my master’s thesis, and I was floundering. I ended up going in a little different direction, so I just now got around to reading it. It’s basically explaining that public education kind of sucks now because the people who are in charge of it are being dumb. Like, he says that we know things that we could and should be doing better, and we actually ignore them because it’s too much trouble. I mean, obviously it’s complicated, just like anything that is run by various entities with various agendas who don’t really work together, but it kind of boils down to people being dumb (not unintelligent…but like…intentionally not engaging their brains). It had some good information in it, but a) it kind of just validated all of my personal opinions, which I feel like is not as good as reading something that challenges your opinion and presents new perspectives, and b) he used a lot of words to say not much, so it was a little redundant.


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