Happy Birthday to Me

Photo (32)This weekend was my birthday, and it was hella busy and fun. A show at the Guthrie, all-day choir rehearsal, multiple dinings out, crafting (before and after post coming soon!), and a trip to an apple orchard! So much fun!

The above photo is from the corn maze.

image (1)The maze was much more difficult this year than in years past.

Here we are, desperately trying to get a texted clue from a sign:

imageIt did not help us (though one of us won a free soda…which seemed like a cruel joke, since we weren’t so sure we’d ever get back to civilization). It was so much fun though. And when we were starting to lose hope, and a train came by, we sang a little Folsom Prison Blues. “I hear the train a comin’, it’s rollin round the bend…”

Eventually, we made it out a live, and some of us shot an apple cannon. I stuffed my face with pumpkin pie and an apple cinnamon doughnut. Yummmm!!!

Photo (30)I also forced some of friends to try chestnut crab apples (only the best apple of all time!!). I have a young chestnut crab tree in my backyard. It produced its first fruit this year (3 apples), and they were delicious. But I wanted more, so I loaded up at the orchard. They’re about the size of a golf ball, and they’re sweet just like a normal apple. Absolutely no tartness (nobody believes me about that). You must try one!!

Photo (33)It was a really nice birthday. A beautiful day, wonderful friends and family, and good times. What more could you want?



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