Irish Fair

Hooo boy this weekend was busy!

Saturday, I went to the Irish Fair.

Got to see some sheep herding:

Photo (23)

Petted some Irish Wolf Hounds:

Photo (22) - Copy
Dat face!

Listened to some traditional musicians:

Photo (20) - Copy

And danced!


Then I went to a family get-together, where there was some kayak racing:

Photo (27)

And my nephew snagged my phone and took a selfie…

Photo (29)…and this really artsy one of me:

Photo (30)After that I worked on plans for a Renaissance Fest dress (yes, I’m going to attempt to make one).

Sunday, it was back to Irish Fair for more dancing!

Once more with feeling!

Photo (31)

And then I saw a Fringe Festival show! Ack! A busy weekend! I love summer because of the weather and because there are so many fun things to do, but I prefer the pace of winter. I need a weekend.



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