The Truman Show

carI’ve always suspected that my life is like The Truman Show, where I’m secretly being filmed at all times, and everyone in the “real world” is watching my (boringest ever) show. Yes, it’s super egotistical (yeah, because I’m soooo interesting that anyone would want to film me), and totally paranoid (it is actually supposedly some sort of fear of judgment/self-judgment), and basically insane. I even thought this was happening BEFORE the movie The Truman Show was made. So you can imagine how nuts I went when I saw that they had made a movie referencing MY movie. Boy was my producer playing games with my head.

Aaaanyway. I’m not actually crazy, I don’t actually think this is happening. It’s just kind of a “feeling” that I have. It’s basically a little inside joke I have with myself. So it’s funny to me when stuff like this happens:

I walk around Lake Calhoun a lot, and when I was there a couple of days ago, I passed this couple (a tall bald guy and shorter blonde woman). I remember them because the guy was holding this small stereo that was playing upbeat music SO LOUD that I could hear it from far away and wondered where the heck that super loud music was coming from, until I saw them ahead of me.

Well. I was there again today, and they were there. Same couple, same loud hand-held stereo, and we passed each other AT THE EXACT SAME TIME as before. I generally go to the lake around the same time of day each time (early afternoon), but I’m pretty sure this was at least about a half an hour different. What are the odds?

And this is what happens in The Truman Show. He starts realizing the truth when he notices that the people around him (the people hired to be “extras”) were always the same people, and that they were always doing the same thing at exactly the same time. They’re on a loop, they just go round and round!

My director is usually a little more on top of these details, but I found a crack in the system! I caught some of my extras in a loop!

Also, geez, this rain is serious business. At one point on the path around the lake, the lake had overflowed so far that the path is gone and you have to walk through about 4 inches (at the shallowest) of gross lake water. And then you squish squish squish in your sneakers the rest of the way around the lake. Yuck. And there were lots of places where the lake had just risen much further than it normally does, leaving scenes like this:

Photo (21)


3 thoughts on “The Truman Show

  1. I love it! Did I tell you that when I used to work downtown St. Paul in my early twenties I thought I had paparazzi type people taking pictures of me plotting to kill me?

    I was super cheap bc I was poor so I parked on the other side of the bridge from downtown St. Paul and I walked to my building every day (which was probably almost 2 miles away). Well each day I’d be certain someone was going to murder me. Anyone I saw or passed during this walk I would be like “this is it… this is how it’s all gonna end”. Then I’d walk through this park area along the river and sometime homeless people would be sleeping in the park and I’d be like “they’ve been waiting here all night for me to walk by… they have been tracking my schedule precisely to know when I’d be walking by!”. Well one day I started to really panic and I would catch glimpses of flashes and I FA-REAKED out! I may have even started to run… and then I realized that it was a really light storm and it was mild lighning in the distance that kept catching my eye.

    I still know they’re after me though… that’s why I move once a year #I’mnotcrazy


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