Peach Galette

I got to do a little baking this weekend. First, I made some shortcake to go with a bunch of strawberries that my mom had.

Photo (18) - Copy

I actually didn’t like it much. It looks pretty and all, but it didn’t taste right. I added lemon juice to the strawberries (as a recipe told me to do), which made them taste like rubbing alcohol to me. And the shortcake wasn’t sweet enough for me. I don’t love this kind of shortcake anyway (I’m more into spongy, cakey, strawberry shortcake), but it was Father’s Day, so I made what my dad would like (at least what I figured my dad would like).

And then I made a Peach Galette for a get-together with people in my choir. I’ve made it before (probably not the exact same recipe). It’s super easy and really good.

Just slice a bunch of peaches (I sliced 6 big peaches and made two galettes), and put them in a bowl with sugar and cinnamon for as long as you can.

Photo (20)Then buy Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust, and unroll one crust (they give you two) onto a greased baking sheet. Put your peaches on top, leaving about an inch at the edges. Then just fold the edges up all the way around and bake at 400 for about 30 minutes. You can also brush the edges with egg and sprinkle with sugar before baking if you want. So easy!

Photo (19) - Copy


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