Hawaii Trip!

YOU GUYS!!! I got to spend a whole week in Hawaiiiiiii!!!!! I had been there once before when I was 5, and mainly just remembered that it felt like heaven, so I’ve been really looking forward to returning (even moreso after this worst winter everrr). The best part was that I got to go with a whole bunch of loved ones because my cousin was getting married there, so most of our family all went together.

I was still excited, even though this happened the day we left:

Photo (18) - CopyYeah that airplane disappeared, and I was about to get on one. Fun times.

But anyway, our airplane arrived as scheduled, late at night, so we went straight to bed, and then I got to wake up the next morning to this:

Photo (19)Then I went out to our condo’s balcony, and saw this view:

Photo (21)And then I took a picture of how that made me feel:

Photo (20)So, yeah, Hawaii is beautiful, as we all know. But first things first, we went to get breakfast at Kihei Caffe.

Photo (22)I’m the kind of person who easily gets hangry (hungry+angry), and that morning it was at an all time high. I was ready to eat the souvenir t-shirts hanging on the cafe walls.

Having gotten some non-fabric food into me, we headed to Polo beach for some fun in the sun.

Photo (23)Then we got to go to a Luau!! It was great, we all got leis and fruity drinks with umbrellas, and we got to watch hula dancing!! I LOVE hula dancing.

Photo (28)
The lighting makes these ladies look like they were photoshopped into this photo. I promise, they really were there.

The next day, we watched part of our group take a surfing lesson. They’re tiny, but they’re surfing!

Photo (31)While they did normal things, I found a rock that inspired me to be The Little Mermaid:

Photo (30)ariel-on-rock1Nailed it.

Then we got a Cheeseburger in Paradise and some delicious gelato in Lahaina.

Photo (32)We basically never stopped eating that day, as we went back to the condo to join the gang for a barbecue in the courtyard. Then we all sprinted toward the beach as we realized that the sun was going down, and I snapped a pic just in time.

Photo (33)
You can see my cousin, Tyson, posing for another picture, having removed his shirt first of course. Lucky for him, none of his friends read this blog. Love ya Tyson. 🙂

The next morning, I took a walk along the beach with my mama.

Photo (37)

After lunch, we got some shave ice and had a fun chat with Paul, the shave ice dude. I like to play a game called “When I Move to Maui”. When I Move to Maui, Paul is gonna be my mentor.

Photo (35)

Then, it was the big wedding day! We got all gussied up and headed down to a beautiful little beach/cove in Wailea.

Photo (36)Here’s where they actually said their vows. It was a lovely little ceremony; everybody cried.

Photo (39)

The next day, we headed up to a cute little hippie town called Paia, where we had lunch at a place called Charley’s, and then went to a beach where real surfers were surfing. You can’t even see surfers in this picture, but I swear they are there. There’s a teeeeeny tiny spec off to the left, and that’s a kitesurfer.

Photo (43)Along the side of the cliff where we were watching, this guy had backed up his truck-bed filled with palm branches and stuff. He was really fun, and gave my aunt a coconut with a “Hawaiian straw” (a palm branch reed).

Photo (44)Here he is making a “Hawaiian whistle” (also a palm branch reed) for my little cousin.

Photo (45)And here, he’s feeding my aunt some juice from a “Hawaiian juicebox” (an orange with a Hawaiian straw in it).

Photo (46)He told us his name was JustIncredible (not sure how he spells it). 🙂

We headed back to Polo beach, where my aunt taught me how to boogie board. Here we are, being totally cool boarder gals.

CIMG4627My parents and I got some pizza (Hawaiian style pizza of course! How cute/cheesy are we?), and ate it on the beach at our condo while the sun went down.

Photo (51)

We ended up getting dinner and a show, as some turtles were having some romantic time on the beach.

Looks like a blob, but this is turtle sex. The (smaller) male is on top, and they rock back and forth. Not sure how long it takes, as they were there when we arrived, and were still going strong when we left about 20 minutes later.
Looks like a blob, but this is turtle sex. The (smaller) male is on top, and they rock back and forth. Not sure how long it takes, as they were there when we arrived, and were still going strong when we left about 20 minutes later.

And here’s the paparazzi totally ruining the mood:

The turtles didn't seem to mind.
The turtles didn’t seem to mind.

The sunset was really cloudy, but still beautiful.

Photo (52)
It actually does not look cloudy at all in this picture. I didn’t imagine it, I swear.

Thursday, we had breakfast at Swan Court, a restaurant at a resort in Lahaina. It’s a nice experience, because the restaurant had enormous open doors to a little garden filled with various birds, so the birds fly around and you feel like you’re eating in nature (a really clean, white tablecloth version of nature).

Photo (53)
See the flamingoes?
A swan at Swan Court.
A swan at Swan Court.

After brunch, we walked and swam along the beach and did a little shopping at the resort.

Here’s my nephew (or Danny Devito from Twins? You decide.) waving hello to a praying mantis on the table.

Photo (55)

We hung out at Polo beach again, and my nephew built this sand castle!

Photo (56)

So maybe he didn’t technically “build” it, but he did stumble upon it and destroy it (the people who made it had left).

And then some of the nerdy men from our family got pretty serious about engineering their own sand castles.

Photo (57)It was a really special evening at the beach, as we all were together, and we watched the sunset and took pictures together. This is just after the sunset, when everything was a beautiful silver color.

Photo (59)On our last day, we hung out at the pool, and had lunch at a 50s-style diner (my favorite thing in the world) called Peggy Sue’s. When I Move to Maui, I’ll eat at Peggy Sue’s at least once a week.

Photo (61)

We also spent a little more time in Paia, where one of the surf shops has a promo pic of our surf instructor, Kiva.

Maybe you didn't know, but we're a pretty big deal.
Maybe you didn’t know, but we’re a pretty big deal.

Alas, it was time to leave. Hawaii cried the day we left.

Photo (63)
Me too, Hawaii, me too.

Four things I want to say about Hawaii:

1. There are a lot of rainbows there. We saw one like every day. Here’s one of ’em.

Photo (24)2. There are also a lot of whale sightings. Any time we were on a beach, if we just scanned the horizon, we would catch whales dancing around out there.

3. The grass is unbelievable. It looks like fake turf, and it’s soft and green, and I think it doesn’t need to be mowed.

Photo (60)4. I love the terrain there. It reminded me a little of Ireland. I really like the mountains, because they’re small and green. It just felt safe and cozy having these little slopes on all sides of you. Most mountains I’ve seen (in Colorado, New York, Geneva, etc.) are tall and dark and cold, and they feel like they’re saying “Hello there little human, I’m not going to let you go anywhere. You are stuck here foreverrrr!” But Hawaiian mountains are like, “Aloha! Wanna hang out for a while? Or not, whatever, stop by if you feel like it! Hang loose pal!” (Of course I realize that these mountains are actually more potentially dangerous, as they, ya know, erupt once in a while, but whatever.)

Look how pretty.
Look how pretty.

I’ll miss, you Hawaii.



5 thoughts on “Hawaii Trip!

    1. Aw thanks Aunt Lyn. Thank you so much for “hosting” us in Hawaii. It was really nice being able to share in your family memories, and get all of your insider tips and suggestions. What a wonderful, meaningful, unforgettable experience for all of us.


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