Zoo Escape

In addition to Como Zoo and the Sculpture Garden Conservatory, the Minnesota Zoo is a nice place to escape from the harsh winter weather. It was my nephew, Soren’s first time at a zoo!

Photo (18) - CopyI think this handsome little fish wanted to be my best friend:

Photo (19) - CopyThe bird show was really fun. I always enjoy talking parrots (they named their African Grey “Alex”, which I thought was a sweet tribute) and owls that swoop over the audience.

Photo (20) - CopySoren, having fun watching some monkeys:

Photo (22) - Copy
I wanna know what kind of shampoo these dudes use on those tails.

They have this cool thing at the aquarium, where a diver is hooked up to a microphone device and can speak with the audience while under the water. People could ask him questions about a fish or whatever, and he could walk over to it and talk about it.

Photo (23) - CopyThe poor wolverine was a little wound up or something, he kept pacing back and forth on this window.

Photo (25)The Lynx were so cuuuute. They were playing with each other, and making fun facial expressions at us (either vocalizing or sniffing-cats smell better when their mouths are open).

Photo (26)It was fun and exhausting.

Photo (27)


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