Little Things

This week, I’ve been thinking about the little things that have made me happy.

ClementinesClementines. Ain’t these little things great? DE-lish.

BasementI cleaned out my basement. What, can’t you tell? 🙂 Oh how I wish I had taken a “before” photo, but I was just down there doing laundry and thought, “Ya know, I should clean this place up sometime. Hey, I’ve got time now”, and I just started cleaning. It was like a madness that suddenly overtook me, and I didn’t stop to think about silly things like photos. I know it looks like nothing here, but there was crap EVERYWHERE before. It feels gooood.

GoodwillIn the same vein, I organized some stuff to take to Goodwill. Isn’t that the best feeling??

Soren Sleepy HeadI’ve been able to hang out with the nephew a bit lately, and have enjoyed his post-nap sleepy hair, impromptu kisses (or tacit requests for kisses), babblings, and instructional gestures (not speaking yet, but lots of “you stand right HERE” finger pointing, and baby signs).

JanieAnd then there’s this sweet thing. Must. Always. Touch. Human.

And next week I go to Florida!







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