A List of CA-razy Movies I’ve Seen

I’m not necessarily recommending these movies to anyone, because most of them have a fair amount of disturbing or offensive material in them (something that I find intriguing, but that most others find…ya know…disturbing and offensive). I’m just listing these for the heck of it, and if you happen to have seen one of them (or more), feel free to discuss with me!

DogtoothEverybody stay away from Nicolas Rapold of the New York Times, because he apparently finds hilarity in the most depraved places. I suppose there are some humorous parts to this movie, but mostly it’s just disturbing (but in a very interesting way). This movie is from the viewpoint of three young adult siblings who have been raised in a perverse world created entirely by their father (and to a lesser extent, their mother). They have never left their home, and have no concept or even awareness of a world outside of their compound. The story surrounds their growing distrust of the only life they’ve known, and their search for something outside of it.

TeethThis movie is about a teenage girl who discovers that she has a set of teeth in…a…sensitive…place…. There was a fair amount of shock-gore, but it actually had some interesting things to say about feminism, gender roles, and sexual power.

Bad Boy BubbyA guy has been held captive in a small apartment by his perverted mother for 35 years. Through a lucky turn of events, he is freed, and has some CRAZY experiences as he discovers the real world. He looks like a psychopath on the cover, but the character is actually pretty sweet. Crazy, but sweet.

Girls Will Be GirlsThis movie stars 3 actors in drag, playing 3 women trying to make it in Hollywood. The jokes are shamelessly offensive or just plain wacko, and the movie gets weirder and weirder as it goes on. There are lines in this movie that make me fear for my life because I’m laughing so hard that I can’t breathe. But it is weird.

CubeThis is one movie I would recommend to people (as long as you can handle a modicum of gruesomeness). This movie takes place inside a series of nondescript white rooms (cubes), where a handful of people have been trapped. The plot revolves around their attempts to escape and to understand just what this cube is and why they have been placed inside of it.

Troll 2Are there any trolls in this movie? Not a one. Is this a sequel? Nope. And the weirdness has only just begun. This movie is infamous for its weirdness and its poor quality in all areas (acting, writing, direction, EVERYTHING), but eventually developed a cult following. It’s about a family that ends up in a small town full of people who may or may not actually be people and who may or may not be trying to kill them. But the plot isn’t really important. It’s not super disturbing or offensive, just super weird.

PrimerThis movie is about two guys who build and use a time traveling device. It’s not the fun romp through history (“Wheee!!! Here we are in Ancient Greece!” “Oh look! There’s Napoleon!”) that other time travel movies are about. This is about the nitty gritty of time travel (the mechanics of it, the ethics of it, etc.). And apparently you have to watch it multiple times to even begin to follow it. I’ve only seen it once, and I wasn’t that confused, but that’s just because I’m not smart enough to have been confused. I knew early on that I was just going to have to go with the flow, and not try to figure out exactly what was happening and when. I think the smarter you are, the harder it is for you to understand this movie. It’s also notable because it was made by some independent dude (Shane Carruth) for $7000.

gummoI can’t really remember if anything happened in this movie. All I can remember is being really weirded out and grossed out. And it almost ruined spaghetti for me.

Mulholland DriveI couldn’t leave this movie off of this list. This is probably the first really nutty movie I ever saw. I eventually figured out what I believe was happening in the movie, after reading others’ explanations online. But when I was watching it, I was losing my mind. At the time, I didn’t know that movies could be this weird. The basic description of this movie is that it follows the “adventures” of a woman trying to start an acting career in Hollywood. And then there’s a a cowboy? And a blue key? And tiny old people? And some horrifying swamp creature thing behind a diner? What?

And then of course there’s every Kubrik movie. Also, American Psycho, Caligula, Battle Royale, and Donnie Darko. All fairly out-there.

What am I missing? (I haven’t seen Oldboy or Audition yet, though I intend to.)


7 thoughts on “A List of CA-razy Movies I’ve Seen

  1. Questions…what made you see these movies? Where did you view them? Who did you watch them with?

    Anytime someone mentions disturbing material and shock/gore, I tune out. But, I am slightly…ever so slightly curious about the “Teeth” film…and yet I’d be better off to pass and save my stomach:P I’ve seen some creepy Japanese cartoons that make the man the monster in that area…and that was not a pleasant viewing experience.

    What’s the scoop with the cross-dressers? How do you laugh so hard you nearly die quite literally yet find the material so offensive? Are you ever in denial (like you’d admit it if you were) of your reaction/s/opinion/s?

    The cube one sounds mildly tolerable and thought-provoking though I suspect it’s quite the low-budget film of the philosophy class sort attended by beatniks in black and white.

    Any movie you have to view more than once to understand once seems unnecessary. But, knowing me, I might write something similar one day:P It reminds me of “Inception” though I took what I could from that one and let the rest go. The French actress in that one (whose name slips my mind) was great. Like a bad dream with a pretty face.


    1. 1. For the most part, having a Netflix account and being curious led to these viewings. I generally appreciate seeing movies that are in some way “different.”

      2. I laugh so hard at Girls Will Be Girls because the jokes and actors are funny….just like with any comedy that I find particularly funny. I’m not sure what you’re implying about being in denial. I say that the jokes are often offensive because they are (they are intended to be). For example, they throw out a line about abortion which is both incredibly offensive (hard not to be) and quite funny. I have the ability to view things in more than one way, as most people do.

      3. Cube is not high budget, though it is less about philosophy than it is about math/being mysterious.

      4. Primer is comparable to Inception in its tendency to confuse, though different in that it has more to do with the technical aspects of time-travel than about…say…plot (relationships, emotions, etc.).


      1. Ah, curiosity…:P hehe Well, I suppose if you want to get the most for your monthly fees, then, yes. I’d say they were odd choices…but I’ve known you to be a bit odd yourself:) Aren’t you an Aquarius?

        I am not sure what I meant by the denial comment at the moment. I think I was picking up on the sharp difference between laughing so hard and being offended though you didn’t say you were offended yourself.

        I suppose I can laugh at things that are “so wrong”, too…but should I be laughing? It doesn’t feel right. Situations/Elements that mess with your morals should be considered dangerous.

        Mysterious math?:P

        So, Primer is a documentary on the possibilities of time travel…without real scientists on film.


  2. I have, of course, seen almost all of these. 😀

    I think that you and I have a similar desire to push our boundaries when it comes to movies. Most people don’t get it.

    But, Bad Boy Bubby! I love that movie, and have it on DVD. Do you already know that? Did we watch it? I can’t remember. It’s, like, the most obscure movie I know of and it’s one of my faves, so if you just stumbled across it randomly that is an awesome coincidence. I need to watch it again. Glad you liked it.

    Seen Salo? Serbian Film? Or are those a little over the line…

    – Jon S.


    1. JON SHAAAARRRRRPE!!!!! Welcome!! Which movie(s) above have you *not* seen? Because you should see all of them (except maybe Gummo).

      And YES, I believe that you either recommended Bad Boy Bubby, and I Netflixed it or you lent me your DVD. It was definitely recommended by you. I even totally impressed a guy on a date once because I had seen it. I got game….?

      And of course Troll 2 was all you as well.

      I have not seen Salo or Serbian Film. Are they…fun in any way? Because they look like big time bummers. Usually I only choose movies that look like they’d be fun in SOME way (I mean American Psycho is disturbing but it’s also hilarious). This is one reason why I haven’t gotten around to Oldboy yet. Seems very bummertown.


  3. The only one I haven’t seen is Girls Will Be Girls! So I guess I should get on that. I have definitely seen Gummo…and definitely do not need to see it again. I only watched it because Werner Herzog liked it for some reason. So uncomfortable.

    You do got game!! If I was on a date with a girl and she was like, “Hey have you seen Bad Boy Bubby?” I would be all 0_0 and maybe say I love you. But maybe that’s just me.

    Um…Salo and Serbian Film…no I would say those are not fun. Serbian Film is definitely bummertown from start to finish (purposefully so) and Salo…well I guess you could make an argument for it. It’s about a few depraved people having a GREAT time doing terrible things to others, haha. So there is a certain decadence and revelry and playfulness from their perspective? But obviously it’s like the most horrible thing ever, so…

    I haven’t seen Oldboy either, but from the weird Korean movies I *have* seen, I get the impression that they really love to mix odd comic beats and slapstick routines in with the most serious or heavy stuff, so you might be able to find enough levity there. I have actually had a pretty hard time getting into K-Horror like I Saw the Devil and The Host because of that…I think it’s a cultural thing. They really like shifting tone all over the place. Works for some people, though. Those movies are pretty celebrated.

    So hey! If you want to keep pushin’ your boundaries like we do, you should look into:

    – Other David Lynch movies! If you enjoyed decoding the weirdness of Mullholland Dr., check out Lost Highway, Inland Empire, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Eraserhead. Also, the show Twin Peaks and the movie prequel Fire Walk With Me.

    – Stuff by John Waters, starting with Pink Flamingos. Wow, is that movie depraved, but in a strangely fun “let your freak flag fly” sort of way. Your description of Girls Will Be Girls made me think of it

    – Some of Lars Von Trier’s stuff, if you feel like braving his weird, sometimes depressive mind. Antichrist, Melancholia (as you can probably tell by the title, that ones a tad bummertown), and the recent Nymphomania.

    – Dogtooth made me think of Martha Marcy May Marlene. Check that one out. And if you like Elizabeth Olsen in it, maybe see Magic Magic (co-starring a really creepy Michael Cera!!)

    – Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Synecdoche, NY. They don’t really fit in here so much, but I like Charlie Kaufman and I consider him pretty boundary pushing, to me anyway. At least the first two you’ve probably seen. But Synecdoche is my fav. :3

    – Um, Funny Games? I feel like we watched that maybe. It’s pretty messed up.

    There’s probably a lot I’m not thinking of. Apologies if any of these are like, super old news to you. I’d love to know what you think about any and all of them!


    1. Speaking of K-Horror, have you seen A Tale of Two Sisters or Rinne?

      I’ve been meaning to see Blue Velvet. I watched all of Twin Peaks, but haven’t seen the prequel.

      Lars Von Trier- I’ve seen Dancer in the Dark (ughhhhh), Dear Wendy, and Melancholia. A bit too bummertown for me. And also, Melancholia is pretty much my biggest fear in life, so I should not have seen it.

      Seen all of those Kaufman ones. Meh..not such a big fan of those. They’re too weird for my brain to even care about.

      I haven’t seen Funny Games, but would maybe see it.

      I haven’t seen many movies lately because I haven’t had Netflix. Going to get it back soon though!


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