New York Trip

PhotoMy parents took me on a trip to New York! My mom’s sister lives about an hour outside of NYC, so we visited her (and other family), and spent some time in the big city.

Here’s me, running through the terrible scenarios that could happen involving the plane ride (terrorist attack, something wrong with the plane, we crash upon take-off/landing and erupt into a ball of flames killing us all, we fall out of the sky for whatever reason, and die upon impact, we fall out of the sky for whatever reason and land in the ocean (we were not flying anywhere near any never know) and either die upon impact, or sink under the water and die of drowning, or land in the water and float for days on an inflated raft eventually killing each other out of delirium, or die of exposure/sharks, OR the worst case would be that I am the sole survivor and float and die of sharks/exposure).

Photo (4)But the flight was perfect, and nobody died of exposure.

So we spent a couple of days having yummy home-cooked meals, and warm, gift-filled Christmas celebrations with family.

Photo (5)

Among the family members, I got to hang out with a couple of sweet animals:

Photo (6)
Lucky. Haha she looks grumpy here, but she’s super sweet.

Then we took a train into the city.

Photo (8)Ahh Grand Central Station. Pretty Pretty.

Photo (10)

At the Station, there was a model train display.

Photo (9)

On our way to our first destination, I saw the one famous (though not technically famous) person that I saw while in NY:

Photo (11)
Sandro: a contestant on Project Runway. On the show, he was a total NUT (he threw a hissy fit and stormed off the show). In the subway, he seemed pretty normal.

Then we went to the Museum of Natural History, where my mom fell in love with some Protoctists (single-celled organisms):

Here she is, in rapture.
Here she is, in rapture.

She just thought the models that the museum had created were really beautiful, which they were:

Photo (13)
My photo doesn’t really capture it, but they really looked like crown jewels or something. I have a feeling actual Protoctists aren’t this pretty.

The museum’s displays were all very beautiful (some actual taxidermied animals, some models).

Photo (14)

A whale hanging above us.
A whale hanging above us.

After the museum, we trekked to the cafe that was used as the exterior shot for the Seinfeld restaurant:

Tom's Restaurant (called "Monk's" on the show).
Tom’s Restaurant (called “Monk’s” on the show).

We got some hot cocoa and sweet treats at a cafe called “Le Monde”, which felt right out of Amelie, and then headed to “Mood”, the fabric store that the designers visit on Project Runway. As a souvenir, my mom bought me some fabric to use for a scarf.

Photo (17)Then we went to a show called “Mother Africa.”

Photo (18)It was like an Africa-themed Cirque du Soleil, with singers, dancers, acrobats, a unicyclist (who at one point pedaled a mini-cycle, which looked like about a foot of lead pipe on a single caster), and a contortionist who passed his body through the hoop of a tennis racket. It was a lot of fun.

Next day, we went to Ben’s Pizzeria, which appears in the opening credits to the Louie tv show. (All of these tv places were my idea…I’m a dork.)

Photo (19)

We got a slice there:

Photo (20)

And listened to some piano music at Washington Square Park:

Photo (21)

Then we took a walk along the High Line.

Photo (22)

Which is a walkway that was converted from an old train track.

Photo (23)The rails are still visible along the path, but it’s been spiffed up with plants (much prettier in the spring/summer), artists, benches, and the like. The day was BEAUTIFUL (sunny and high of 50!!!), so it was a nice walk.

Then we went to the Chelsea Market.

Photo (24)It’s a very cute indoor market…basically like a mall, but with mainly eateries, and more like…I don’t know like a mall, but different. On the day that we went, it was verrrrry crowded.

Photo (25)

Photo (26)So we had some cocoa at a little cafe, and got the heck outta Dodge.

We headed to the Frick, my mom’s favorite NY museum, because they were displaying Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring.

Photo (27)But we discovered a line of people around the block, meaning we would have about an hour and a half wait, so we said “nope!” and headed to the Met.

Passing by Central Park, we caught a one-woman ballet.

Photo (28)And here at the Met…

Photo (29)…we saw an 18th century Christmas creche display and intricate tapestries, and ate in the Members Only Dining Room (because my mom is a pretty big deal).

We also went to the Jewels by Jar exhibit, which is a bit controversial. It was a display of jewelry made by this guy, who is a total NUT. The controversy surrounds the supposed commercialism of the exhibit (people argue, and I agree, that it is merely a money-making enterprise rather than an art exhibit; the exhibit includes items that are for sale). But cripes, his work is out there. Very big, heavy, chunky, flamboyant. It was a scene, man.

After the museum, we headed to Rockefeller Center, which made me very angry because there were too many people. Here is an angry photo of the plaza:

Photo (30)My dad brought us to the Christmas market at Bryant Park, which was infinitely more pleasant and less populated (though still quite populated, of course).

Photo (31)Bryant Park had a large skating rink (above), a Christmas tree, a cafe, and lots of very cute little pop-up shop things (one of them was selling Sesame Street-style puppets…random).

On the way home, we passed Madison Avenue.

Photo (32)I didn’t see Don Draper, he must have been working late.

And hey! there’s the Chrysler Building.

Every time I think of the Chrysler Building, that line from Annie: "If this place don't SHINE like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will..." Every. time.
Every time I think of the Chrysler Building, that line from Annie: “If this place don’t SHINE like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will…” Every. time.

It was our last night in New York, and we awoke to a fire alarm in our hotel at 4 am. 🙂

We stumbled down to the lobby, and waited with sirens blaring and fire fighters going to and fro for about 15 minutes before they eventually got it turned off and told us to go back to bed. This is us, getting off the elevator returning to our rooms. Turned out to be a “faulty alarm.”

Photo (34)Next day, we headed home!

New York cried the day we left.

Photo (35)We miraculously survived another plane ride, and I was welcomed home by a very cuddly kitty.

Photo (4) - Copy


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