First Snowfall of the Year

Photo1 (13)


3 thoughts on “First Snowfall of the Year

  1. The cutest!!! I miss it all … Your house, the snow, you!

    Also love all your pics, but never pictured (npi) you to be someone snapping pics of lots of crazy things (not that your house in the snow is crazy but you know)


  2. Scariest thing I’ve seen next to victims of violence in the news this year! Don’t show me that:P hehe Although, that’s just powder sugar.

    I suppose having a camera phone on you at all times would make that more convenient. But, it would be an adjustment for me. And, I still wonder–like ashleyamiot–if it’s a good thing to post pics of everything. I keep thinking of the futuristic movies and all the computer tracking systems that could be implemented to deny us privacy. Just chalk it up to modern paranoia if you like:P


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