Productive Weekend

Alex original

I sold my first drawing on Etsy yesterday (someone sends me a photo portrait, and I draw it)! Yay! Hopefully it’s the first of many.

And Jane was…really helpful….

This was after I had shooed her away from my paper many. many. times.
This was after I had shooed her away from my paper many. many. times.

.I also worked on a necklace for my mom…

Photo1 (62)And made a couple of cards…

Photo1 (63)Then today I had dance class, as usual…

Photo1 (64)And stopped by a craft fair, where they had an apple press (!), which smelled amaaaziingggg….


I got some groceries, and may I just say…


Photo1 (65)Now I’m off to get some more stuff done and then watch Once Upon a Time. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Productive Weekend

  1. Yes, that is an impressive portrait. I’d like to know how you “set up shop” to start this business of sorts. I have been wanting to offer my drawing services for portraits and the like. But, it hasn’t gone well so far. And, I am ashamed to say my skills pale next to yours, it seems. Though people tell me how talented I am. You do better at capturing real likenesses.


      1. Well, I’d say forget getting noticed there and just post a link where you want people to find your services. I’m still interested in knowing how you came to this decision and decided to make it this sort of business versus just offering prints or cheaply made items slapped with reproductions of artists’ works. How do you report your business to the IRS? 😛 No license needed?


      2. I opened the shop because I like to draw, not because I just wanted a shop…so that’s why I don’t sell other things. I’ve only sold one drawing so far, so I’m not making enough to need to report for taxes, but etsy has explanations for how to do that when needed.


      3. Who got you started on etsy or how did you know what to do to start? That’s interesting that they have some sort of FAQ for business licensing. I don’t thing ebay sellers go through that.


      4. Well I’ve known about etsy for a while, have bought some things on it, and it’s pretty simple to start. Just basically click an “open a shop” type of button. They have all kinds of information for sellers- a whole blog just for information, etc.


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