Book Report!

Time to talk about the books I’ve read recently!

Holy crap this was the best book. It was so entertaining. They have GOT to make this into a movie. It’s everything you could ever want in a book about a circus (and everything that Water For Elephants failed to give you): magic, romance, mystery, stripes! It’s all here. Read it!


Okayyy…I had heard gushy things about this book for a long time. I resisted it because it was so long, but women seem to lose themselves over it. Like Twilight for grownups, I guess. I have never read a romance novel before…and while reading this I thought maybe this is what they’re like? It’s heavy on the steam. It was definitely a good read, and I’ll probably read the others in the series. And probably see the movie(s). But don’t worry, I’m not going to change my name to Sassenach or anything.


I have read something of substance lately. As an introvert, I always like to hear about how great we are. And how victimized we are by our evil extrovert overlords. There was a lot of really good, really helpful information in this book (information that I’m hoping one or two extroverts will read at some point). At the same time, I have two complaints:

1. I feel like she gets a *little* heavy handed in the rah-rah introvert mode. If I were an extrovert reading this book, I feel like I’d take offense or at least be a bit defensive the whole time. She basically makes it sound like introverts are ignored geniuses and extroverts are noisy, empty cheerleaders. I exaggerate a bit, but I do wonder how accessible it is for extroverts.

2. It was a little dry. I don’t know if it really was dry or if I’m just used to Mary Roach (Stiff, Bonk, etc.), who could make the phone book hilarious and engrossing. There was a lot of information in this book, and I felt like it could have been woven together in a more engaging way.


4 thoughts on “Book Report!

  1. ‘Ever seen “Big Fish”? I DO like the cover of “Night Circus” but am doubting the story for some reason…

    Speaking of judging a book by its cover, I would not gravitate toward the other books for that reason:D The circus book has an intriguing cover. The other two do not.

    I thought adult-Twilight (which is somewhat silly because adults read young adult books as much as teens nowadays:P) romance novels were the “Shades of Gray” series. Don’t start reading those, now.

    Outlander looks like an old book. There are movies?? What kind of a name is that? Sassenfratch?

    Now, that third book is a bit of irony or poetic justice. Her name is Cain, and she pissed on extroverts, aka people who are more ABLE so to speak. Cain maimed/slaughtered (the) “able” (like Cain and Abel?). My little perceptive sensor wonders if you aren’t part extrovert yourself and that’s why you reacted to the book this way. If you were a complete introvert, you might not have felt bad for the extroverts or found the book “dry”. Just a thought.


      1. Empathy is good in moderation. I suppose I might feel the same if I read the book. But, considering all possibilities, I felt there was/is a chance you possess some elements of an extrovert. While we may be dominated by one force, there is usually another in a smaller dose beneath the surface. Just as those who claim to be die-hard Republicans or Democrats may deny the small parts of themselves that go the other way. If only they looked deep in their hearts, they might find a shred of common ground and work together better.


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