It’s been a while since I made a new post because I have been very busy being a painting maniac. I think I’ve finally finished all of the main paint projects I’ve had on my to-do list.

And here they are!

1. Painting a dress! I found this dress/top/tunic thing at Target and I fell in love. It’s the perfect fit, it’s super soft, super comfy. It was just a little plain. So …I bought three of them. Because I’m insane. And left one plain and patterned the other two. Love em!

2. I needed to put something on my wall, and I really like that old window frame look, so I found an old window in my basement, cleaned it, and sprayed the glass with a reflective spray paint (Krylon Looking-Glass Paint), and now it’s this nicely aged mirror thing.

3. I’ve had this dresser for almost 20 years, and it’s great, but unattractive. I wanted to paint it, but was nervous because it’s completely laminate. Very plastic-y. But I found this tutorial, and basically just bought the exact stuff she used, and followed her instructions (for the most part). I never have the patience to wait in between coats long enough, so my dresser has some imperfections, but it’s good enough for me.

4. Been wanting to paint this little bathroom cubby since I bought this house 4 years ago. Finally did it! And this is a plain ol’ Ikea table I got years ago.

5. Boring black tv trays. Must make everything Aqua-colored!!!

6. Boring Target tv stand. So much prettier now!

Whew! Okay, now I can get on with my life. And catch up on all of my tv shows.


3 thoughts on “PAINTSPLOSION!

  1. Those were your only creative projects on the back burner? You’re lucky:P…or sad in a way. No, everything must NOT be aqua color!:P hehe Funny.

    Okay, let’s see…

    I like the plain dress decorating idea (not the results as much). It screams “She’s Crafty”:P hehe You’re not insane. I would have surely done the same.

    Mirror spray paint? Cripes. There’s a spray for everything. I’ve seen magnetic and chalk board spray paint. But, never mirror paint. It’s probably very toxic:P The window “thingy” turned out nice. It just needs a lil “jazzing” and a good place. Maybe add some coat/hat hooks? A peg board?

    Yes, a laminate dresser would not be the easiest thing to paint unless you used a roughing primer first. They always say to sand the thing rough, but that’s crazy. You just end up inhaling plastic dust and making a mess. A textured primer for starters is recommended. And, yes, it’s best to have patience:P Nice result from what I can see, though. I like that dove gray with the bright white outlines. Shnazzy. But, you had it 20 years already??

    I like the cubby, end table and the TV tray tables just the way they were:P Painting not necessary.

    Nice job with the TV stand, but that too looks nice in its original/previous finish. It beats the yellow-orange maple staining so many pieces get.


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