Renaissance Festival

Photo1 (2)We go to the Ren Fest every year. This year the weather was PERFECT!

Photo1 (45)This guy, Thuy (pronounce Too-ee), is there every year, and his act is the exact same every year, down to the word. Which I love! I like being able to mouth his lines along with him, and know what’s coming next. He’s 51 years old, he performs every day of the fair, 5 times a day, and he is amazing! Above, he’s on a ladder, spinning a ball on his forehead, and juggling rings. He has another trick in which he stands on the ladder, on only one foot, spinning a ring on the free foot, juggling rings in one hand, spinning rings on the other, playing the kazoo, etc. all at the same time!

In the picture below, he is performing a totally new trick! He usually stands on his slack rope while it is lit on fire, and walks through the fire (and juggles flaming batons). For THIS trick, he stood on the LADDER ON THE ROPE, and had the ladder lit on fire, while he juggled flaming batons. Yeah.

Photo1 (46)

Photo1 (40)These dudes tell riddles at their booth. Crowds just form around them, they throw out a riddle, and people make guesses. I could stay at this booth all day.

Here are some sample riddles:

1. Throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?

2. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?

3. In marble walls as white as milk,
Lined with a skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear,
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.

Then I went to the fairy trail. This was new a few years ago, and it was always disappointing. They didn’t really do much with it, and it was basically just a walk in the woods. Well THIS year, they had this fantastic fairy show! I sought it out because one of the performers is a girl that I dance with, but I knew nothing else about it. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the show. I learned later that the show was created and is performed by a family (mother and her children, who are home-schooled and live on a farm nearby. My friend is the only performer not in the family).

The oldest daughter sings and plays guitar, and everyone dances, and performs about nature and how we should enjoy the magic of nature and help it to grow and thrive. And they’re all dressed as fairies, of course. Gosh. I really wish I had gotten more pictures. Everything was really well done, their big tree-stump house, their little garden and pond area, the cute costumes. The best part of the show was when the performers would bring around different little animals for the audience to touch and see up close. Here’s the mom, presenting a hedgehog. She had a cute little poem/story about each animal (i.e. this is my prickly little friend..Mrs. Bristlebrush..).

Photo1 (39)Loved it.

We also saw sheep herding (I LOVE watching sheep herding; it’s like magic), and interacted with some of the Herpetological Society’s members:

Photo1 (42)The gentleman below has been performing at the fair forever. When I was a kid, he performed with his sons (at the time, I felt like there were literally 20 of them, but maybe it was more like 5), and their dog wore a basket (for tips). They all played different instruments and sang. Now, as his sons have grown up, he performs solo. Always good to see him.

Photo1 (44)

Photo1 (41)Ah Ren Fest.







6 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival

  1. AAAGH! I am in the wrong family! Your family has way too much fun together! State fairs, Ren’ fests…what’s next? I’ve never been to a Ren’ fest. And, while I do not need to watch some nut risk his life on a flaming ladder or tight rope, I would partake in that riddle booth, too:)

    The first riddle…isn’t the answer an apple? The second is the letter M. The third one makes my head hurt.

    Sheep herding is like magic?? I think I’d be bored watching that.

    You’d better have a sack full of gold for all the tipping requested of you:P Or, go home feeling like a cheapskate. Right?

    Some day I would like to go dressed as a knight or wandering musician.


      1. Found ’em. The answer to the cooking one is a cob of corn.

        Let met throw a few at you. No search engine cheating; okay?

        With thieves, I consort.
        With the vilest in short.
        I’m quite at ease in depravity.
        Yet, all divines use me.
        And, all savants can’t lose me.
        For, I am at the center of gravity.
        What am I?

        How can tea give you a paper cut?

        When do two water fowl contradict each other?


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