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I usually write down some thoughts about a pet after they have passed away, but I’d like to write about my cat, Jane, while she’s still with me.

And yes, you read that right, I’m about to write a post about my cat. Pets deserve AT LEAST one blog post dedicated to them. If you don’t agree, you must not have had a pet. Or a heart.

So here we go…my Janie.

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Jane will be 7 years old this November, and I got her when she was a kitten. She very much enjoys being my little buddy. She likes having one person (and no other animals), and spends 95% of her time in my room. If I’m in a shared space (e.g. the kitchen), she’ll be there with me, but she won’t like it. She’ll eventually start standing by the stairs and meowing (“Okayyyy we’ve been in this room long enough, now let’s go home where we can be alone.”)

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On winter mornings, she’ll cry at me as soon as I get up, and won’t stop until I sit on the bathroom floor (right in front of the heat vent), so that she can sit on my lap. We sit there for about 10 minutes, until I decide that I really need to start getting ready, and she knows I gave her enough time for the ritual. When I come home from work, she’ll often cry again until I sit down so that she can sit on me. She usually comes and crashes on me as if she hasn’t slept all day because I’ve been gone.

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She’s such a good kitty. She’s quiet, clean, and unobtrusive (generally), like most cats. And she likes people, but she’s cautious about strangers. She’ll either hide from them, or slink quietly around them until she’s determined that they’re safe enough, and then nudge them to request pettingks or splay herself out in flirtation.

Oh hellooo
Oh hellooo

She has a little voice (generally), and she often does the thing where she’ll try to meow, but nothing will come out except for the little *smack* of her mouth opening and the little released breath at the end.

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She has a birthmark on her left eye, which makes it look like she has one green eye and one gold eye.

She's suuuper happy to be taking this picture.
She’s suuuper happy to be taking this picture.

She seems to be uninterested in fish or milk…which is odd to me.

Here are some of her favorite things (aside from the usual: food, catnip, pettingks):

1. Sitting on paper

2. Sitting in drawers

Photo1 (18)

3. Resting her paw(s) on my hand/arm

4. Something I like to call “Doing Feets” This is only done when my feet are under a fleece blanket, and usually only in the winter. Often, she’ll kind of start meandering around at the bottom of my bed, and I’ll twitch my feet around to let her know that Feets Can Now Be Done. I’m not sure if she’s waiting for my permission or if she’s just not thinking about it until she sees my feet shifting around.   Sometimes, there won’t be a fleece blanket over my feet, and she’ll fret around down there until I pull one over them. Then she begins. It’s like kneading or “making biscuits”, but usually cats do that with their front feet. This is the same, just with her back feet. It looks ridiculous (usually looks like she’s trying and failing to relieve herself), and it feels a little like a foot massage. I usually thank her afterward.

She is the sweetest little thing.


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