How to Make a Belt Purse

Also called modern fanny packs or bum bags, these are way more convenient than traditional purses, especially if you’re plodding around a festival or a fair all day.

Here’s how to make one in 3 Super Easy Steps!


-A belt

-A small purse/bag/pouch

-scrap of leather/other strong fabric

-needle and thread

Photo1 (16) - CopyStep 1:

Put your belt on and hold the bag/purse against your belt. This will help you to see where to put the scrap of fabric. I didn’t do this first, and just sewed it on the only way I thought of:

Photo1 (17) - Copy

This made the bag stick out from my hip too far. So I had to rip it out and start over again. :/

Step 2:

Sew the scrap of fabric to the back of the bag. You’ll sew the top and bottom of the scrap, leaving the middle open.

Photo1 (18) - Copy

This will create a loop to slide the belt through:

Photo1 (19) - Copy

Step 3:

Wear your belt bag and marvel at your handiwork!

Photo1 (32)(Bonus: The way I made it, I can still use the purse as a regular purse because I can just loop the strap through the links on the sides whenever I want.)

Among other crafty things from today, I re-decorated my front door wreath. Not a minute after I put my wreath on my bed, Jane curled up inside of it and was instantly the happiest cat in the world.

Photo1 (31)And then after I decorated it and put it back on the bed, guess who came back immediately.

Photo1 (21) - Copy







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