2nd and 3rd Visits to the Fair

I promise, we are now done with the Fair.

2 things before we get to that:

1. I joined a choir, yay! I’ve been trying to find a choir for years, and I was really unsure that I would make it (it’s audition-based), but I did! Yay!

2. I got a job, yay! It’s an entry level position at a children’s book publisher (so, not in my field) but at least I can, ya know, HAVE A JOB, while I continue on with this seemingly impossible dream of finding a counseling job.

Ok, and now for pictures from the rest of the fair!


5 thoughts on “2nd and 3rd Visits to the Fair

  1. Cat video festival? A festival or big screen showing of all those silly cat video clips found online?? What a waste of money, energy and time!:P

    Mist-ers are essential to state fair survival these days.

    Awe, look at the baby animals…and then have something with lamb, pork or beef in it for lunch:P

    What’s wrong with the big slide? I am actually itching to try that. I never have. Nor have I taken a sky car ride.

    I would have liked to see the butter heads.

    I’ve tried falafel once, and I admit I liked it. But, I’d look for more original fair foods. I’m done getting gyros at the fair:P

    A sleep number bed?? I am so glad my sis did not. Sale price my ass. And, a pain to transport.

    What do you do at entry-level at a publisher?


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