Joan Baez Concert

Went to a Joan Baez concert at the Zoo. Had some time beforehand to look at the sea creatures.

Photo1 (9) - CopySea Dragons are the coolest!!!! There are two of them (maybe more in the background?) in this photo:

Photo1 (10) - CopyLook at that thing!

Photo1 (11) - CopyAnd seahorses of course. These guys are getting fed (see tiny white floaty things in the water). When they eat, they swallow the minuscule krill thingy and then spray water/debris or something out the backs of their heads! Weird! It was so funny to watch. I tried googling it, but couldn’t find any reference to it. Don’t know what the spray is or why it happens, but it’s hilarious.

Sea HorsesThere was this one that seemed sick or something, but the aquarium guy told us that he was born without a ..swim bladder (I think?), so it’s hard for him to move around. Swim bladders give seahorses buoyancy, so without it, it just kind of sinks. It seems like the equivalent of a quadriplegic person..or maybe someone who has a tiny bit of power in their limbs, but isn’t able to walk. Basically like someone with more of a gravitational pull than normal, so they can’t stand up. So the seahorse didn’t really swim or float like the others because it was too exhausting, so it would spend most of its time lying on the bottom and kind of heaving itself around. It looked like a lot of work and it broke my heart. 😦 It was like 2 years old, so it’s doing fine, it’s just…still sad…

Sad Sea HorseIt flopped itself onto another one that was lying down:

Photo1 (8) - CopyWe also watched the Snow Monkeys for a while. There were two little baby monkeys and they were soooo cuuuuuuuute. ACK! So cute.

So anyway, welcome to an outdoor concert in Minnesota in June:

Photo1 (5) - Copy

Photo1 (1) - CopyUghhhhh worst weather this Spring. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah, the concert. I don’t actually like concerts; I don’t like listening to music that I can’t sing along to. But she’s Joan Baez, so you know, she was pretty good.Joan Baez concert



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