My Baby Backyard

Backyard Before #2Who doesn’t love a good Before and After? Well this is more of a Before and During. The above photo is of my backyard as it was when I bought the house. Last year, my dad and I (mostly my dad) started to make improvements to it. In the photo below, the deck that you see used to be surrounded by sliding glass doors on the now open sides. The people before me must have gotten a deal on glass doors, since it didn’t really make much sense to have them on all sides (two on the side we’re facing, and one on the side facing the house next to mine). And they were poorly sealed, so they always looked foggy or dirty. They were convenient in the winter, since it insulated the deck and house from the cold and snow, but I never used the deck in the summer because it wasn’t pleasant to sit between dirty, hot glass walls. So my dad and I demo’d them, and thus began the redo.

Backyard Before #1

My dad rearranged the brick tiles and re-did the path, so now the patio is bordered and cleaner, and the path is prettier. My mom also got me a cute gingham curtain and a flower box for my garage window. Eventually, bright blue morning glories will be crawling all over that trellis.

Backyard During 1

My mom also bought me these lovely bamboo curtain things for my deck.Backyard During 2

Also in the above photo you can see my baby trees. Treelets. (This post is called Baby Backyard because everything I have right now is in baby status.) My parents bought and planted them for me as a graduation present (and because they are wonderful people). The tree in the foreground is a Chestnut Crab Apple Tree. They produce crab apples that are about the size of a golf ball and they’re really sweet and nice for snacking. The tree in the background  is a Northstar Cherry Tree. They also produce nice, sweet, edible (pitless!) fruit. I love cherries, and Minnesota isn’t the best environment for them, but I just learned of this variety. It was created by the U of M and evidently thrives in colder climates. Excited for these two to start producing!

I love lilacs, so I have a few of those too:

Lilac BushLilacs

And here are my first tulip blooms:

TulipsI also have a raspberry bush, a hydrangea, cat mint, and forsythia. The yard isn’t complete yet, so I’ll update again with developments!


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