Festival of Nations!!!!

Festival of Nations 2Festival of Nations was this past weekend!!!!! It’s the best!!! My family goes to this every year. Above is a picture from the Bazaar, where there are stalls for every nation. (I’m very bad at taking photos, and the filters on my iphone only get me so far, so you’re gonna see some bad photos in this post. Deal with it.)

Drummmm rollll….Bad Photo #2!

Festival of Nations 3These are some Hawaiian dancers. I wish I could get good photos of all the dancer groups, but as you can see from Exhibit A (above), it just wasn’t gonna happen. But in addition to the Hawaiian troupe, we saw Bolivians (so cool!!!), Irish (whoop whoop!), Hungarian (not my favorite), Egyptian (belly dancing, yessss!), Karen (I don’t remember this one…?), Polish (thigh/boot slapping), and Korean (very sweet).

Now for the most important part. Here’s the Cafe (food stands from all of the nations):

Festival of Nations 5


The Cafe is where I get…….THIS!!!

CariocaThis, my friends, is Carioca. It’s from The Phillipines, and it’s a dessert (it is not chicken mcnuggets). It’s deep fried rice discs made with coconut milk and maple syrup..on a stick. It sounds less than thrilling, but it is fantaaassstic. It’s sweet, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Yummm. I look forward to it every year. (Mom, sorry I made you try it. She did NOT like it. sheiscrazy.)





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