Accessory Organizing


We all have so much stuff these days, we’re forever coming up with new and different ways to organize it all. And is there anything more satisfying than organizing things? I’ve seen many a necklace organization system on Pinterest, but none of them look as good to me as what I’ve got goin’. I just got a small rack of hooks at Target, screwed it into the wall, and voila. It’s perfect because I can see them all at once and I just take them right on and off (I don’t have to unclasp them or remove a rod or something like other systems I’ve seen).

I do the same with my scarves (only coat hooks instead of little hooks). And yeah…I wear a lot of scarves.


For my earrings, I fashioned one of those picture frame-screens you see everywhere. Except I made mine before Pinterest even existed. So there!

It started with this:


And after some cutting, stapling, and taping, it now looks like this:



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