Necklaces For Mom

My parents are impossible to shop for (they buy for themselves anything they’re remotely interested in), so I’ve taken to making them things for birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s/Father’s Day. For my dad, I usually make desserts, and for my mom, I usually make jewelry. I’ve made her a couple of pins, but it’s the necklaces I’ve made that she actually wears. I always have her wardrobe in mind when I make them, and I know what kinds of colors she likes to wear, so I really try to make them fit with her outfits.

Here’s the first one I made, a couple years ago. The band is a little discolored now, but it was originally a rich lime-green.


This one presented a challenge for me because I couldn’t remove the metal clasps at the ends of the band, so I had to use beads with holes large enough to slide right over the jump ring at the end. (It’s possible that I could have removed the jump ring; I was pretty new to jewelry-making, so I wouldn’t be surprised. But I don’t remember.) So it limited my options a bit, and I ended up paying quite a bit for materials for this guy. I used this particular band because she had actually pointed it out when we visited a local bead store, so I knew she’d like that part at least. And she does like the necklace a lot, and wears it often.

This is another one I made, and she likes it too.


This is the most recent one I made, for Christmas this year. I had to adjust it a bit (add more extension to the chain), so she’s seen it, but doesn’t have it in her possession yet. I have no idea if she’ll like it or wear it. My mom is very particular, and she has strict guidelines for her style. The bird is a bit of a risk, especially placing it to the side, so we’ll see.



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